Public Works Updates and Projects

Desert Canyon Trail-West side of bridge

Desert Canyon Trail-West side of bridge




A reminder before you dig in your area,

“Know what’s BELOW. Call before you dig!”




Streets Department- Current Projects

May 16-May 25: Concrete Rd Repair N. 3rd East & NE Tanager
Contractor: Ytuarte Concrete

May 23-25: Ditch cleanup along E. 9th South

Potholes are being filled on a daily basis while asphalt is in supply.

 To report a pothole that needs to be filled, please don’t hesitate to phone Public Works at 587-2108/2109.


Street Sweeper Schedule:  Even Zones May 22-26, 2017


May 22-Zones 2,4

May 23-Zones 4,6

May 24-Zone 1, 11:30 PM-Downtown

May 25-12:00 AM-Downtown

May 26-Off

For Sweeper Zones by street, click HERE—>>Sweeper Zones


For Odd Zones, click HERE—>>SWEEPER MAP ODD 04-24-17

For Even Zones, click HERE—>>SWEEPER MAP EVEN 04-24-17




Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is the average water pressure within the city?

A:  Depending on your area and how close your home is to a well, the water pressure can vary from 45-65 psi.

Q:  What is the water hardness? 

A:  The average Calcium Carbonate or CaCO3 of all the wells combined is between 33 mg/L and 55 mg/L.

Q:  Is fluoride added to the city water? 

A:  No; fluoride is naturally occurring in the city water.

Q:  As a homeowner, what portion of the sewer line am I responsible for repair or replacement? 

A:  The homeowner is responsible for the portion of the sewer line from the house to the sewer main.

Q:  As a homeowner, what portion of the water line am I responsible for repair or replacement?

A:  The homeowner is responsible for the water line from the meter to the house.

Q:  I’m making my own repairs to a water leak in my home/sprinkler system; how do I turn water off to my house? 

A:  If you need water turned off  to make repairs, please call 587-2108/2109 during normal business hours and a Water Department technician will be dispatched to you as soon as possible to turn the water off for you.  If the leak is an after hours emergency, the call will be forwarded to a standby technician.

Q:  I noticed a street light on my block is not working; who can I report this to in order to have it repaired?  

A:  If you notice a street light, within the city limits, that needs repair, please call Public Works at 587-2108 with the nearest address to the light and/or the pole number and the information will be routed to Idaho Power for repair.