Water Department

Well 1 May 2011For Questions Regarding
Your Water Utility Bill
Please Call 587-2104

City of Mountain Home
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
1150 South Main Street
PO Box 10
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: 208-587-2109
Fax: 208-587-6433


General Information
The Water Department is a part of Public Works and is responsible for Meters/Services, Distribution, Disinfection & Sampling, Wells/Pumps/Backup Generators, Water Storage and Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Replacement.

Meters/Services include meter installation, replacement, reading, service turn on, service turn off, and customer service.

Wells/Pumps/Backup Generators involve telemetry/control systems and facilities maintenance/management.

Distribution consists of sampling, pressure checks, leak repair, existing line replacements, water system inspections in new developments, and new system construction and replacement.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Replacement is completed on a continual basis and the services provided include annual maintenance programs, fire hydrant repair and replacement, flushing, raising hydrants, cleaning, greasing, replacing gaskets and inspection services.

We are currently in the process of GPS mapping and imaging in order to meet NFPA fire codes and standards.

The Water Department is responsible for three storage tanks with a total storage capacity of three million gallons.

Pressure Zones:
The water distribution system has over 75 miles of piping ranging from 2” to 24” in diameter. There are three different pressure zones: An upper pressure zone which serves from Wal-Mart East along American Legion to the Commercial/Industrial area East of the Interstate; a medium pressure zone which serves North along the interstate to subdivisions including Rocky Mountain, Glen Roi, Greystone, Bel Air #9, Bollinger, Pippin Heights, and Stormy Mountain; and a lower or standard zone which serves the rest of the City.

There are eight active wells. Two of the wells are equipped with emergency generators which automatically turn on in case of power outages. The total pumping capacity of these wells is 12,300 gallons per minute.

Booster Pump Stations:
There are two booster pump stations in operation. The 3rd Street Booster Station pressurizes the middle pressure zone and includes Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which vary the pumping volumes to match the customer demand. A second booster pump station is located on Highway 20 and pumps water to fill Tank #3 which provides storage for the upper pressure zone.

There are a total of three tanks. Tank #1 holds 2,000,000 gallons and is located along Interstate 84 North of Mountain Home. Tank #2 holds 500,000 gallons and is located along Highway 20. Tank #3 is located along Hot Creek Road, holds 650,000 gallons and serves the upper pressure zone storage.